LD+ r18.0b released on Patreon!

Just released r18.0b on Patreon!



-Added lots of milk farm content
-Added possible balls to futa Rinny and bandit girl
-Added changing body to Shop of Horrors
-Revised gamepad controls
-Revised instructions for controls
-Revised how choice windows show 7+ choices
-Revised Rinny's normal and benched portrait
-Revised Bell's normal and milked portrait
-Revised Gin's human form to have human cock
-Revised code for private dungeon
-Changed pubes to be same color as bangs
-Combined futa and futa balls shrine
-Reduced cowgirl requirement to 5 to invite bulls
-Increased Mistyra encounter chances on appropriate floors
-Fixed bug preventing Giant Plant from defeating you
-Fixed bug where doing NG+ after learning magic would lock off those parts
-Fixed some bugs related to wearing cock accessories, then removing cock
-Fixed bugs with resetting cowgirls at farm
-Fixed bug with repeating experiment in Science Lab Tower
-Fixed bug where you can keep using skills after reaching max lust
-Fixed certain clothes not working properly
-Fixed bug where toll guard can be convinced without required speech stat
-Fixed bug where sparing don and leaving the city autosaves during ending

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is there still gonna be a way to be a domme in the torture rack? and is there any plans for the succubus queen

also if you load a set with cock toys when u dont have one the game crashes quick psa

For the time being, no, since private dungeon basically serves that purpose. But I might revisit the idea later for something else I have in mind. Succubus Queen is planned, but will be a while before I get to her. And thanks, I'll fix it

where the heck are the bulls

They are all in the city (except 1), but you need five cowgirls at the farm, and then talk to Bell before you can invite them!

are you going to add family ending? and how would it look like?

Most likely after named NPC's second routes, you'll be able to choose to settle down with them (ending the game) and start a family!

will incubus included?

If I come up with an incubus NPC!

i couldnt wait lol i just had to buy doll on patreon 

Awesome XD, thanks so much for supporting!

Deleted 291 days ago

Haha XD. It'll come! And thanks~. D&D is pretty great.

Deleted 291 days ago

I've been playing for awhile and I just gotta say it's a treat to see these updates come out and see your game progress. 

Thanks, I'll keep it up!

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speaking of the farm, how many cowgirls/bulls are in the game atm?  Edit: I'm referring to before the patch, just trying to figure out if I'm missing any =P


6 cows and 3 bulls


looks like some good stuff is getting added, can't wait to play the public version


Been waiting to get back to milk farm for a while!

Well,I guess need waiting about 2 weeks after Patreon's relies.


I really like this game, you made a good work, I wish I have talent too, btw, I have a question, when can we renovate the basement of the safehouse ? I Know that catty (I think it's her name of the cat girl) don't want that everyone know where it is


Thank you! You can renovate it, but you need to finish Cassie's route first! You can started by forcing past the toll guy in the slums, sleeping, then returning to the slums!

OK, thanks for the hint