LD+ r15.1 released to public!

Hi everyone, here's LD+ r15.1!

I've reverted back to 100 savefiles for now. Next release will have the deserted base route, a new male NPC (finally!), and hopefully should add more things to do in the private dungeon!

-Added cock growth scene for Marin's challenge part two
-Altered Science Lab Tower layout
-Fixed Rinny grow cock scene softlocking
-Fixed Marin rewrite history not working properly

-Reverted to 100 savefiles
-Added Marin's challenge part two
-Added method to check what pieces you're missing from a full servant's uniform in the Manor.
-Added private dungeon: Bed, with Cassie
-Changed so that Bell can wander to all places after being given a collar, instead of just the forest
-Added warp point from Graveyard to Pixie's Lair, and from Succubus Tower to Transylvania entrance
-Improved event text functionality
-Fixed Lin Lin portrait bug
-Fixed cock appearing over VK sweater when erect
-Fixed Rinny feeding Pixie's pets while she's missing
-Fixed Pixie Lair's rest point having you masturbate if cancelling out
-Fixed Cassie not redressing after tonguebath scene
-Fixed losing living underwear if bought from shop of horrors, then doing Marin's event
-Fixed bug related to buying living underwear from shop of horrors


Lust Doll Plus r15.1 (Win).zip 169 MB
Jul 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r15.1 (Mac).zip 304 MB
Jul 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r15.1 (Linux).zip 211 MB
Jul 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r15.1 (Android).apk 114 MB
Jul 08, 2020

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How do you get to little shop of horrors

It's in Transylvania! Finish the Manor route and it'll open!


sorry that I'm a slow learner but is it ok to send a video to show you where I'm at? (If you can watch it) If yes, then do I have to blur inappropriate stuff?

Sure, if you want!

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Are we getting succubus/incubus body customization anytime soon or at all(i.e. hip wings, tail option, basically be able to make the PC imitate Rinny.)

Probably not until Rinny's second route!

just a question. is there any way to defeat the giant plant in the Park or its not possible right now? ( sorry for my broken english)

Not possible yet!

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There are 4 options: pony play, bar holding, tied-up escape, and vibe while waitressing. I need help with the bar holding, 10 times it will ask you if you should keep holding on or to let go. If I keep choosing hold on, then at the end it says that don't want my touch but hers and fawn says that I am still holding on and she should try a little bit harder. I just want to be a domme and how do I do it! One more thing is that how do I pick locks on windows 10!?


For bar holding, you just need to hold on until the end! Haven't finished the domme part yet! And no way to pick locks. That's actually from the original LD, not LD+!

What's the private dungeon?


Visit hardware store after finishing Cassie's route!

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I know you all will probably know this already but what are the combinations for beating the torture rack. I think you have to c*m on all of them. If that is it then, I'm stuck on the bar holding one and since I didn't ever go to the diner because I did the strip job, I didn't know about the vibrator one until I was curios (got the job) and try to do fawn's route. Someone please help me!

For bar holding, struggle, struggle fiercely, rest, then struggle fiercely!

The others should be straightforward!

is there any skill I can use on Cassie?

None yet!

I still don't know how to access the private dungeon with Cassie

Finish Cassie's route, then visit the hardware store in the city!

how the heck do i start marin's quest ive been trying for an entire day and hours now


You need to finish the Manor first, then go talk to her on the second floor!

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just curious, does using the pregnancy shrine prevent cassie from getting pregnant or do I have to keep being careful even with it off

Having it off should prevent Cassie from getting pregnant!

I didn't expect the weird fish to be an option in the dungeon. XD


Weird Fish pops up in all the places you'd least expect XD


That's why Lust Doll is my Fav.

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It's good to be here honestly, it's the little things sometimes, regardless of what this game is (and many other 18+ games) i find them oddly well made, better than some triple A games, this is one of those really good games.

Keep up the great work! - TOB

Thank you! Glad it pleases~. And yeah, there's quite a few 18+ games that I definitely like much better than many AAA games out there!

Are the megaboobs , megacock, and cumflation features in the game yet.?

Not yet, but won't be too long!

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Mega boobs allow 1 size bigger than with it off, at least last time that I checked it

I've been waiting for a Male NPC lol Cant wait for the next updates! 

Also, will you add the explore wilderness option just like in the original? I think its a nice option to have.

Yes, finally getting in XD.

I decided to not use that, and just have it be 'automatic' whenever you move to a different location

Let me guess......the old Don from LD eventually will come back as a male character?

Hmm hmm~...

Any chances for more body colors?

Probably not. There isn't a good method to do hue shifts in the game engine as far as I know, so it all needs to be done manually.





: ) <3