LD+ r14.0 released to public!

Hi everyone, here's LD+ r14.0!

Important note!: I've implemented an autosave feature, which takes over the first save slot! If you're using that slot for something important, make sure to backup that save file!

The autosave will routinely save your progress in the first slot. If you forget to save, or your game crashes, you can use that slot to regain most of your progress. It's still recommended to manually save though.

As well, I've reduced the maximum amount of save files to 50, in order to reduce lag when saving. There's been some requests to have this reverted back though, so I'll probably end up doing something with this next release.


-Added Armpits fetish shrine in Sanctum
-Added second Marin event
-Added second h*********g scene for Pixie, involving Rinny
-Added tentacle scene if bring Rinny to Pixie's lair
-Added Cassie Alissa tonguebath scene
-Added Cassie pregnancy events
-Added Turtleneck sweaters to Underground mall, and Virgin Killer sweaters to Succubus Tower shop
-Fixed changing certain options not being changed in all savefiles
-Implemented autosave function
-Reduced savefiles to 50 for lag reduction
-Fixed bugs with Marin's event
-Made adjustments to NPC portrait clothing system
-Improved self-switch functionality
-Fixed Bell's collar settings not being stored
-Fixed duplicating cowbell collar when giving one to Bell
-Fixed loading clothing set allowing you to remove unremovable clothing
-Fixed game break if talk to Lin Lin with living underwear on
-Added rest point in Pixie's lair
-Fixed Rinny's spinning around portraits not showing preggers
-Fixed bunch of bugs related to living clothing
-Fixed Cassie missing portrait after eating the big fish
-Fixed Rinny not getting pregnant when creampie'ing in her during Edith's scene


Lust Doll Plus r14.0 (Win).zip 169 MB
Jun 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r14.0 (Mac).zip 303 MB
Jun 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r14.0 (Linux).zip 211 MB
Jun 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r14.0 (Android).apk 114 MB
Jun 08, 2020

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How can i invite Cassie or have bath with her? Need help (My English is poor so sorry if grammar mistake)

You need to get Alissa to interrupt you one more time! Try annoying Cassie somehow!

Instead of reading everything you should try to put some pictures of what's Happening


I try when I can, but sometimes imagination is better!

Graphic layering thought experiment: how penis penetrate "that" sweater?

Just funny graphic stuff I stumble upon by accident. No, my character not wear any bottom undergarment, except crotchless undergarment.

XD It'll be fixed!

(1 edit)

btw I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but came out from the licking scene and cassie is still naked. not really sure how it happened

A bug, I'll fix it!

Deleted 4 years ago

Do Cassie's route and save her.

Deleted 3 years ago

Go to the slums in arc city and don't pay the toll instead just distract or go with brute force with the man. Later talk to him go out and they take you with The Don.

Deleted 3 years ago

Cassie go back do the Abandoned Town?

When do you think the Huge Dick and the Cumflation fetish will be released? I like those kinds.

Planned for somewhere in the next few releases!

Also what is the censored word with pixie?


Idk but someone say Handholding and I was like LMAO

How do I trigger the second marin event?

Just do some other things later comeback and trigger the event

(1 edit)

Is it possible to edit your character's height? I know there are some body edits in the Succubus Tower, but can't change things like height, furry, or skin color. Am I just missing something?

only during character creation

(1 edit)

And besides the worker succubi tells you: "what private part do you want us do work on?"

Unless you tell me height, furry, or skin color are private parts on our bodies I don't see problem at all.

Not yet, but eventually there will be places to do that in the game!

Idk what happen but I play in android and I talk to Lin Lin after buying the living clothes and remove them to talk to her.

Ok nevermind this not happen when you first recieved the massage and later talk to her

Thanks, I'll fix that!

Deleted 4 years ago

Should it be forbidden on principle? XD

Yay! More tormenting Mar- d*mmit!


-(Likely a Bug) I've noticed that the Rest Point in Pixie's Lair will trigger a masturbation scene when clicking the "Nevermind" Option. Strangely though, my character is female and it triggers a male masturbation scene.

-Speaking of Pixie, I'm completely incapable of figuring out how to trigger any event with her, though it's likely due to me completely restarting (not New Game+, a completely fresh save) and for all I know, her events may be activated after completing quests I haven't done on the new save

-Keep up the good work as always, with providing an amazing game for everyone during these trying times in the world! ^-^

If Pixie appears when you are doing the second Marin event don't count?

I didn't have Pixie appear in Marin's second event - Rinny appeared for me, which I'm guessing might be why I can't do anything with Pixie.

Thats because you have Rinny before doing the event and tell her do leave when you enter Marin's room.

If you want Pixie appear don't bring Rinny to do Marin's event (left her in the succubus tower).

Thanks, I'll fix that! Pixie actually won't have a route specific to her until much later. You're not missing anything! And thanks, for sure!

Oh! Her having specific scenes just confused me a bit, but it is good to know that it's not major stuff (like Cassie's stuff with the Don). 

How am I supposed to win the new challenge?

Never mind I got it

If you please, share it for the lurkers to check out. Heck, the whole internet is one big gamma testing media.

Just take Rinny with you 

got it, will poke the rest by myself.

there's been less patches between patreon and public releases recently and there's none this time huh

Trying to figure out something with the config/save, so didn't end up putting out a patch fix this time. But usually I'll only want to do one patch fix per release, otherwise I'm asking people to re-download too often.

that's fine and understandable, lack of patch just got me bit surprised :p

I've been refreshing the page pretty regularly waiting for this, can't wait to play it, keep up the work I love this game.

Awesome, enjoy!