Elf Jail r3.2 released!

Elf Jail r3.2 released!


Elf Jail r3.2 Win.zip 72 MB
Apr 05, 2019
Elf Jail r3.2 Mac.zip 206 MB
Apr 05, 2019
Elf Jail r3.2 Linux.zip 115 MB
Apr 05, 2019
Elf Jail r3.2 Android.apk 13 MB
Apr 05, 2019

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How do you beat the hands

Not sure, as it's been a very long time since I worked on this, but there is a walk-through in the description here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/729282

the apk is incompatible with my phone and the desktop version stops progression past the opening

Would love to see some progress on this one, forgot the name and was sad to see that it hadn't progressed at all since i had last played it. Might play it through again just because, but would also love to get past the witch

To be honest, if I come back to this, I would want to remake it from the ground up, and likely make it different. Right now it doesn't really do anything that LD+ already does, save the side scrolling aspect


Will there be a update?

Seconding this. This one is my favorite by far and it broke my heart to notice the last update was almost 4 years ago


sorry fellas. dont think there will be. devs are focused on their other project lust doll, which in my opinion isnt as good by a long shot. not to say its bad... it just doesnt capture my attention like elf jail did. i never got bored with elf jail. kept my mind crankin. lust doll left me on autopilot and kinda bored.... pero es lo que es.

=( no more elf jail *sigh* wish they'd reconsider

Hey so I have elf jail downloaded on all my devices and it always freezes up. Any troubleshooting would be great.

Try rebooting, clearing out some space, updating drivers and reinstalling!

i got it to work. it was a very enjoyable experience in more ways than one. wish there was more to the game though

Awesome, glad to hear! And yeah, just not enough support to keep working on it unfortunately

damn hopefully you get more support for it because elf jail and lust doll are my 2 favorite hentai games. not to mention my go to games when im in the mood lol

Happy to hear! And fortunately, lust doll has lots of support!